Our Projects

Fredonia holds licences over three areas in the ‘Deseado’ (totalling 18,300 ha.) including the flagship El Dorado Monserrat Project, ‘EDM’ (6,200ha), as well as El Aguila, 9,124ha,  Hornía, 2,966 ha. Fredonia has undertaken exploration drill programmes on EDM and El Aguila with encouraging results. Hornía is an underexplored area but with historic drilling indicating realistic potential for further discoveries. El Aguila is interpreted as a failed caldera with significant gold mineralisation encountered in the radial as well as ring structures.

El Dorado Monserrat

The flagship EDM project, 17km west of Cerro Vanguardia contains significant potential for gold silver resources from more than 10 named prospects.

El Aguila

The project, covering 9,124ha is located in the east of the Deseado massif, 70km north east of Cerro Vanguardia, half way toward Yamana’s Cerro Moro mine.

Hornía (Petrificados)

Hornía covering 2,966ha is strategically located close to E2’s Conserrat project, along the major mineralised trend extending northwest from Cerro Vanguardia to the Pinguino project.